A vocation to serve the textile industry

Textile business architect

EDITOR of ERP and specialized software for the textile industry, SCHAEFFER PRODUCTIQUE is today the European leader in its sector.

We integrate the changing needs of the International Textile Industry with the latest advances in digital technologies to support our Customers in their evolution.
We regularly bring them the most relevant solutions, at the best conditions.

“From turbulence arises progress”


Principaux Produits

Management solutions dedicated to the textile industry in order to :

  • structure and secure the know-how
  • manage faster and more reliable processes
  • make organization become dynamic and adaptative
  • promote collaboration and traceability
  • drive the business, anticipate and prepare the future.


Schaeffer is committed to using the best of digital technology for efficient and sustainable textile companies.

Always “MORE with LESS

An international textile software

Textile ERP and CRM with specialized modules for any textile business and all sizes of companies, industrial manufacturers and distributors.

  • Spinning – Throwing – Twisting
  • Weaving – Knitting – Nonwovens
  • Dyeing – Printing – Primers – Lamination
  • Home textile, Appoarel
  • Agent, Trading, Converting, e-merchant.

Textile software in 3 languages and 12 countries.

Customer and suppliers relationship management, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Production and Scheduling, Subcontracting, Data exchange, Web Services, Traceability, Quality, Cost.

Additional applications: Textile Logistics EAN code on mobile PDT, “Visit” qualoity control, Collaborative Web, Mobility applications.

A textile Business Process Management tool

Process Modeling and automation, workflow, task orchestration.

Collaborative portals and shared platforms

Textile Networks, sharing data and applications, standardized collective data exchange.

A range of online subscription services (SaaS-Cloud)

Hosted solutions in rental mode.

These textile solutions are distributed directly or with the support of local partners.

Main services

  • Providing management software for textile
  • Implementation of solutions, development, migration, transfer of skills
  • Software integration, interfaces, developments
  • Technical support, consulting, training, business intelligence, web services
  • SOA, web portals, ESB
  • Shared platforms for digital services.

Some key points

  • French company with headquarters in Alsace
  • Regional agencies in Lille and Lyon, a sister company in Nancy
  • A subsidiary in Germany
  • Regular profit between 7 and 12% of turnover
  • 5-7% of turnover is invested in new products
  • Some 200 customers in 12 countries.



Gustave Schaeffer
in 1870
  • 1798  Origine of Schaeffer
    starts with the bleaching company Haefely in Pfastatt-Le-Château (France).
  • 1887  Industrialization of manufacturing
    Denomination of Schaeffer & Cie, a textile industrial group that has prospered in Alsace and West Africa during more than a century.
  • 1969  Schaeffer Engineering
    includes all the engineers of the group who work on new constructions and builds factories worldwide.
  • 1994  Schaeffer-Dufour
    The textile group, listed on the stock exchange, suffers a takeover bid and becomes Schaeffer-Dufour.

    From turbulence
    arises progress
  • 1996 Creation of the subsidiary Schaeffer Productique and development of business  management software packages dedicated to Textile trades.
  • 2000  Schaeffer Informatique Financière
    Schaeffer-Dufour stops its factories and cède ou stops its plants and sells Schaeffer Productique to its staff. Creation of the holding SIF and development of specialized subsidiaries.
  • 2010  Filiales spécialisées
    SIF holding completes its development  by creating a subsidiary in Germany, a online solution provider (SaaS-Cloud), and, in 2012, a subsidiary dedicated to bespoke software for the textile profession.