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SCHAEFFER PRODUCTIQUE invests heavily in new digital technologies for the textile industry for many years.
With its unmatched industry experience, its innovative vision and commitment for textiles, Schaeffer regularly brings new tools for new uses.


Web Collaborativ

This web application portal enables the extension of the textile company’s information system to all players in the ecosystem.
ESB type of infrastructure with standard connectors for deployment and sharing online applications.
The Collaborative Web portal SCHAEFFER PRODUCTIQUE is naturally connectable to the textile ERP SOLIN but also to any other information system.

The uses are varied depending on the organization:

  • Sales Management : Front-Office offers and orders, shipment tracking and billing, historical reporting.
  • Customer and suppliers Relationship Management, Contacts, Folders  (Projects, Business, Prototyping, service, …) with tracking and historical events.
  • Supply Chain Management: Supply orders and technical data, collaborative progress monitoring.


EColTex® is a mutualized platform for data exchange in the textile profession, enabling networking of information systems.
It allows you to collect, exchange and share data, respecting the eBIZ European standard, approved by CEN and Euratex.
It is a powerful digital tool, leverage the collective competitiveness.
Many textile organizations have subscribed EColTex® in order to :
  • transform into a network organization
  • make data exchange more reliable
  • accelerate processes across the supply chain
  • benefit from a multi-stakeholder traceability
  • seize new market opportunities.
SCHAEFFER is a founding partner of EColTex® and the technical operator.


Amplitex®  is a SaaS / Cloud platform bringing professional management applications available to textile companies in hosted rental mode.

Offer through subscription, accessible 24h / 24, 7/7 from anywhere via an Internet connection.
Amplitex frees the user from any computer concern.

  • Access to a profesional system, specialized for the textile industry, regardless of the company size
  • Quick installation and start
  • Outsourcing of technical aspects
  • Monthly billing is based on the number of users
  • Preserved investment capacity.

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