Textile Process Management



Business Process Management for textile companies





In the digital era, in an economy that accelerates to quickly adapt its organizational model to changes is a key asset to meet new market expectations.
DYNAMTEX is a new generation of textile management tools for business processes. Designed for textile companies, it quickly brings them greater efficiency and flexibility. It enables organizations to energize making adaptive.
DYNAMTEX can be coupled with management systems in place, including the textile ERP SOLIN, and communicate with the standardized platform of digital services EColTex® (eBIZ).

Process modeling

Graphical representation of flows and procedures with the company’s business rules.

Automation and orchestration of tasks

Integration to the Information System, coordinating interactions, tasks and resources.

Control and optimization

Monitoring processes and performance measures in order to optimize.


DYNAMTEX, the tool of your agility

in order to:

  • Energize the organization
  • Streamline processes
  • Value the business rules
  • Optimize resources
  • Gain flexibility
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