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ERP/CRM textile business software for textile companies

The SOLINsyst® soluition is composed of the SOLIN ERP software package, configurable by business profiles, and additional optional modules.
SOLIN is a standard professional software for textile companies, internationally recognized and running quickly with manufacturers, converters, merchants and distributors, yarn, fabric, home textile and garment.
SOLIN is the fruit of an incomparable experience in the textile sector. It frees the business dynamics by structuring data and making processes more reliable. It is customizable with the practices of each organization and evolves every year in collaboration with its users.

A specialized database

Multi-textile-business, multi-company, multi-site, multi-language.

A specialized database

Multi-textile-business, multi-company, multi-site, multi-language.

Integrated functions

Technical and commercial data | Sales and Customer Relations | Purchasing and Supplier Relations | stocks | Production-Logistics and Outsourcing | Data exchanges.

For every textile activity

Spinning | throwing | weaving | knitting | finishing | lamination | home textile | garment , …

Integrated Modules



SOLIN, the tool of your efficiency

in order to :

  • structure and secure the know-how
  • manage faster and more reliable processes
  • make organization become dynamic and adaptative
  • promote collaboration and traceability
  • drive the business, anticipate and prepare the future.

Software for Textile Business Management according to two possible approaches:

  • Integrated and packaged solutions : ERP / CRM
  • Modular solutions to gradually integrate with existing systems.

Additional options

Web Collaboration

Web application portal for the extension of the textile company’s information system to all players in the ecosystem.

CB mobile
Logistics applications on mobile terminals with barcodes for inventory, monitoring production and shipments.
Ergonomic application for quality management on touch screens. Identification and positioning defects, valuation and calculation of qualitative choice.


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