Blanc des Vosges (Société François Hans) designs and manufactures high end articles of home textiles in Gérardmer since 1843.

The team of this family business operates with passion an ancient know how to realize high-quality products, at the forefront of the trends, that contribute to the excellent reputation of the french manufacture. Always turned to the needs of their clients, Blanc des Vosges decided to distribute its products through new e-commerce tools, in order to improve its presence, its reactivity and its service level.

Already provided with a successful information system, Blanc des Vosges needed to control exchanges of complex and heterogeneous data, in adequacy with the structure of its e-commerce sites (shops, remote sale,..). It was necessary to assure at the same time a quick processing of the data flow and to guarantee the traceability of the exchanges.

This project of high value-added digital data exchange required:

  • A reception platform for the treaceability data and informations
  • flexible tools to trandform and adapt the data structure to different  sizes of online shops
  • means to process with every types of data (vectorial images, aggregates of articles, suggestions of associated or complementary products),
  • a central and unique tool for the administration of these data, the banalization of all types of flow (catalogn orders, stocks, deadlines),
  • the banalization of the exchange methods (dynamic flows or mass sendings)
  • the management of complex data combining commercie informations and marketing (promotion, photos…)

In order to realise this project, Blanc des Vosges choose EcolTex:

This digital and collectiv platform of services has a hub of data exchanges wich brings naturally all the necessary tools of traceability and of historisation. EcolTex uses the European eBIZ standart to manage a standart and collaborativ exchange structure, in order to reduce the costs and needs of the IT development. Connectors are mutualized between the users. The historisation and the persistence of the exchanged data are made almost in real time, what allows a considerable reactivity. The orders are handled and sent withing 24 hours.

Today, Blanc des Vosges offers to its customers a developped e-shop, completely managed by its sale depatment and banefits of :

  • a considerable reduction of data capture (e-shop, website,…)
  • a delivery time reduced to a few hours
  • a real time flow, live with the final customer (order status, tracking,…)
  • the assurence of an integral traceability of the exchanges
  • the possibility of checking the exchanged data with an internet browser
  • a multi-purpose tool, able to exchange with heterogeneous systems from an unique data format
  • access to the eBIZ regulation, wich facilitates other uses of the platform EcolTex such as the label “Vosges Terre Textile”